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LadyMidnight81 writes...

Hi, this has probably been asked already but I can't find it in the archives or the faq and don't have the time to read through all the archives. I was wondering if you were planning on turning the other spin-off ideas, besides Gargoyles: Bad Guys, into comics if the first the first two did well enough and SLG was in favor of the idea? I would love to read the Timedancer and the one that takes place in 2198 in this format if the cartoon version aren't possible at this point.
Sorry if this has been asked a bunch and if you don't want to answer the question again could someone just tell me what the original answer is under in the archives....anyway thanks for bringing back Gargoyles, any format is better than no format at all, and I love comics so it's nice to see a good one on the shelves.

Thank you for your time and keep up the excellent work.

Greg responds...

You couldn't have checked the archives too well. And a routine question can definitely be answered more quickly in the Station 8 Comment Room. But, yes, I'd love to do all the spin-offs, eventually. And I'd happily do them as comics. The SLG license has ended, but hopefully someday.

Response recorded on September 10, 2008