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Litwolf writes...

You may have answered this in a ramble after I posted this question but I thought Id throw it out there. Youve said that its possible that the Gargoyles comic will leave SLG publishing and fall fully into Disney's hands. At first, I thought you meant the comic was going to die all-together and I nearly cried. But then, I realized you meant it might just be changing to a Disney publisher. I was relieved but still worried because, from the Gathering Rambles others have posted, it sounds like it would be a bad thing if Gargoyles got moved to Disney's publisher.

Why is that bad? I mean, we'll still have the comic, just under a new name. So why is it bad that its moving? What would change if Gargoyles moved? There would still be the same artists, writers, and stories, right?

Also talking about the future of the comic, you've said that we'll see the other spinoffs if Bad Guys does well. So I wanted to ask how the series is selling (and for that matter, how is the main Gargoyles comics selling? Any idea how many issues of the main comics we'll see?) Also, I believe you've said that, after Bad Guys, you'll do Bad Guys (because of a nagging story, right? ^_^), Pendragon, and then TimeDancer. Any idea which spinoff (2198 and New Olympians) will be up after that, what the order will be following TimeDancer?

Thanks for answering these questions! Ive been dying to get some comic news since Ive read these Gathering Rambles!

Greg responds...

I never said it was a bad thing if Disney decided to publish Gargoyles on their own. But Disney has expressed no interest.

Gargoyles and to a lesser extent Bad Guys both did well for SLG in sales. Not necessarily in profits. Not enough to justify an increased license fee. SLG is done publishing individual issues, but the trades will come out and will cover all creative material that would have appeared in Gargoyles #7-12 and Bad Guys #1-6.

Response recorded on September 17, 2008