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Chip writes...

(Much delayed) The Day of Freyr:

I was up far earlier than anyone else, frankly I couldn't sleep. Though this was my third Gathering, it was the first one that I had regular contact with garg-fans prior to the Con. I was particularly interested in meeting Volpe_de_Fuego my "Competition" for the Papyrus of Thoth story in the Anthology, and with whom I'd been sharing the benifits of my previous Gathering experiences, and Matt a who lived in my general neck of the woods. I was also anxious for another reason. Though this was my third Gathering; I had never attended opening ceremonies, having arrived late to the '06 and '07 Gatherings.

After rousing my siblings from their various states of rest (my sister taking an exra hour or so...how do girls do that?) Tris and I changed into our Hot Topic T-shirts, and mom surprised us with one of her own. (Seth and Kathleen didn't have any) We finally got on the road, and the directions from Miss Marty's house to the Hotel Orrington were spot on...though a bit confusing, it kept trying to take us down roads that didn't exist...but in the end led us where we needed to go.

Despite the odd directions we arrived at around 10:30, and were able to register right away. My mom was upset because she couldn't get her copy of the Items of Enchantment Antholgy yet (She didn't pre-order, and thus had to wait for the Dealer's room to open) Tris (my brother) and I were both contributors, and we instantly thought the Anthology looked fantastic. The cover was awesome.

To my surprise, and delight, Tris's "Star of Arabia" marked the end of every story...it was quite thrilling. I naturally read my own story "Aswan" first, and shortly after I read it, I notice Volpe_de_Fuego near by reading her own Anthology.

I quickly introduced myself, and was very pleased to meet her. I decided to read her story then and there, as she read mine. I liked it, but thought that it ended rather abruptly, and told her so. (She later told me that she didn't think I'd read the whole story...I was a little hurt...I'm a fast reader, I always have been; I got throught the last Harry Potter in about 4 and a half hours.)

Shortly thereafter we attended the Voice Acting Panel, with Greg Weisman and Thom Adcox. My sister (who went by the con-name of Phoenix-Talon, I just went by Chip, my real name) got up and read for the part of Demona from a script that Greg had brought. My sister, brother, and I were big on live theater in High School, and out Drama teacher was very professional. So I wasn't the least bit surprised when Greg was mildly annoyed/pleased that Kathleen (Phoenix) had few faults in her preformance.

Next he passed out a script peice from MIA, which I volunteered for but didn't get. Since Griff is my fave character, and London my fave clan...I was dissapointed. But I did get to do a scene from Spectacular Spider-Man for him in the next round. (As Peter Parker/Spiderman)

After that we all got in line for the Radio Play Auditions. Tris went on ahead of me, after I begged him not to read as Xanatos, as I had selected that role to read for in the audition. I didn't want to go after him as the same character. He conceeded (Nice Guy) and read as Hudson...his fave character, and the one he read for last year. (And played in last year's Radion Play, along with Burbank)

I got in there Jennifer Anderson, Josh Silver, Keith David, Greg Weisman, Karine Charlebois, and Thom Adcox were the casting directors. I put down all the accents they called for: English, French, and Scottish.

I read Xanatos in American, and Keith commented I should slow down...which was hard, these guys were professionals in this biz...I read the English accented version, (slower I hope) and there was a series of whispers...followed by a gut feeling that I was going to be cast as Griff, but I didn't say anything aloud, for fear I would jinx it. I read my Scottish and French accents (My Scottish was okay, being of Scottish blood myself, but it wasn't great...my french sucked and I knew it)

After that I headed to the room, and meandered a while. Bought this awesome Yama shirt with Karine's artwork on it, headed to the room and changed into it. My clan could only afford to stay in the Hotel One night, and we chose that night.

I went to the opening ceremonies for the first time. I finally met Matt, and watching this hour and a half long video contest I could have lived without (not that the videos weren't cool, but some I had seen on Youtube already, and they were tedious) I finally saw the Bad Guys Leica Reel (2/3rds of which was now canon in the BG comics...can't complain about having not seen it, but I kinda wish I hadn't...some of the upcoming BG issues were now partially spoiled to me) and Greg went through this thing were he had everyone wearing a HT Tee stand up. I was mortified...I had changed into my Yama shirt, so I wasn't wearing the HT shirt anymore. Greg had everyone who owned one stand up next, so I could stand proud there...but man that was embarrasing.

Greg almost forgot the Team Atlantis episode "The Last" but I finally got to see that too...man was it awesome.

Afterwards my family headed upstairs to the room, while I lingered downstairs and introduced myself to some fans from Tennisee. Eventually they headed out for food, and I returned to my room with the idea that my siblings and I shoudl pool our money (what little we had) and order a Chicago style pizza. That fizzled pretty quickly, everyone wanted a Chicago style pizza, but no one wanted to pay for one. So, we ate the food from the cooler instead.


Greg responds...

Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Response recorded on September 24, 2008