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Frederick writes...

Ascertained 14 Clans:
1) Isle von Manhattan, New York, New York, USA
2) Isle von Avalon
3) London, United Kingdom
4) Ishimura, Japan
5) Guatemala
6) New Olympus
7) Xanadu, China
8) Labyrinth, New York, New York, USA
9) Paris, France
10) Wyvern, Scotland, United Kingdom
11) Loch Ness, Scotland, United Kingdom
12) Isle of Queen Florence
13) New Camelot, Antarctica
14) Russia

Alright, this better net at least 13 full, because research is quite annoying. If not, I will suicide.
I probably should not post 1 big one, because then I help others know the good ones, but oh well. I don't really need a gargoyles prize anyway, so in the spirit of communism, I say, someone get this done, the state does not care who. Everyone else will be shot. =) Das ist alles.
And yeah, Germany wasn't communist. So what.
Nazism actually denounced communism.
ok tschüs

Greg responds...

13 so stay calm. tyca

Response recorded on September 02, 2000