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Arthur Jr. writes...

To follow up on a question received on this site on Sat, August 02, 2008 05:50:34 PM, I forgot to list Hydro-Man for a possible appearance.

As a supporter of your work on The Spectacular Spider-Man, a possible season featuring him meeting other heroes should feature him working with them to fight other bad guys with examples being Fantastic Four villains Doctor Doom and Wizard (Sandman used to work for Wizard's Frightful Four), X-Men villain Magneto (a reimaging for the show could result in a crossover with the upcoming X-Men series), Captain America villain Red Skull, Daredevil villain Owl (of course you can also establish a Daredevil series with Cam Clarke reprising the title role and attempt to obtain Kingpin for that), Thor villain Loki, and Namor villain Tiger Shark. I don't recall which enemies of the Hulk that Spider-Man had fought.

Of course, you can always establish a Marvel Team-Up series.

When it comes to Sally Avril, I found info that she was Spider-Man's would-be partner Bluebird who was killed in a wreck caused by Spider-Man's battle with the Black Knight.

Greg responds...

I'm not at all interested in turning THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN into "a Marvel Team-Up series". That sounds like it would be a fun show. But THAT is not THIS show.

Response recorded on October 02, 2008