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Chip writes...


This issue was really heavy. I knew Sevarius was slime...but now I believe that he is an evil man. I really kinda wish Yama could have shown him the business end of his Katana.

The man is twisted...really twisted. And I have to wonder...who is the client who asked about an army of mutates? Thailog? Demona? Xanatos? Taro? Or someone we haven't seen yet.

Robyn's prejudice (Which I've suspected/noted before) shows through when Sevarius threatens her with gargoyle mutation...and it hints at what Thailog has in store for those 8 DNA samples. Also, Yama notes her prejudice with an...unreadable expression.

God, I feel for those four mutates...especially Benny and Erin; I don't think the gravity of what has happened to them has hit them yet. (Of course Greg keeps it light-hearted by having his own kids be the mutates.)

Robyn is as infuriated with Anton as I was...and rightly so. Still, Dingo and Matrix show up before the worst happens...but were clearly to preoccupied to notice that Sevarius had goaded them into putting him in the cell.

That Terry...always noticing the flying anthropomorphic creatures...I do believe he may fall for one one day.

Fang's lightning attacks have a very...unusual effect on Dingo, due--I presume--to his linkage with Matrix. It was funny to see Dingo smack his face on the wall.

And then came the heavy part...poor Tasha...poor Benny and Erin. God...it's what Maggie would have done if Talon hadn't been there for her.

And Fang has no tact...what the hell was he thinking? Frankly...I'm with Yama...take his head off. But unlike when Titania whispered in Fox's ear, or when Angela whispered in Broadway's...I have a pretty good idea what Robyn said to Yama.

Something along the lines of "Everyone deserves to get a second chance...if you deprive him of that, how will you restore you honor?" only, put more eloquently.

Speaking of which, Dingo overhears Robyn's comminque to the Director...but doesn't really get time to chew on it before the newest member of the Squad joins them...and Yama looks absolutely thrilled.

Greg responds...

Yep. Thrilled.

Response recorded on October 09, 2008