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Ricky writes...

Hi Greg,

My favorite episode is "The Mirror," not just because the acting, animation and writing are all so great, but I loved seeing Elisa as a gargoyle, and ever since I've been dying for more. Seeing as though the license hasn't been renewed, I realize it could be a while before we get new stories, but I'm not losing faith. So, I don't want to ask if it's possible that we see her as a gargoyle again, cause I'm pretty sure almost anything is possible in the gargoyles universe, so I'll put it differently:

1. How likely is it that we'll see Elisa as a gargoyle again?

2. I don't expect you to be too specific, but how far into the future (in their world, not ours) would it be? Very far in the future? Not too far? The near future?

Also, if you don't wanna answer I'd understand that too. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

Does Delilah count?

Response recorded on October 16, 2008