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Brook writes...

Hi Greg,

this is the first question i post in YEARS... sure feels weird...

Anyways, with the comics being quite a success (for us - thank you so much for making this dream come true), I finally hope I got how the "spin-offs" were intentioned. Somehow I allways got the idea of them being "real" spin-offs, with as many episodess as Gargoyles. I'm happy BAD GUYS has come out in this form and this capacity, it suits the story, theme and place in the Garg-universe.

With the future of the comics being on-hiatus though, I would love to hear if you have thought of releasing the other spin-offs on potential mediums.

For example, I just read into the 2198 storyline, and it came to my mind that it would make a quite interesting computer game. Not that I want to limit my question to this, but today there are so many different ways of telling a story, that hold many opportunities in character development and storytelling (be it computer games or a youtube series or "Alternate Reality Games" for the Internet, that consist of prequels or spin-offs, as was done with Dark Knight or LOST or Cloverfield - for the film version of WATCHMEN, there'll even be an animated panel-retelling of the chapters - kind of like what is done at the Gathering with the voice-acting

I know Disney still has to give the OK, but have you ever thought about releasing one of the spin-offs on a totally different medium than Comics or TV? And if you did, would it change the "course" of the story?

I hope this is not too off, since I know you're fighting for the comics to stay alive and the DVDs to be released, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you so much,
Have a nice day.

Greg responds...

I'm always open to trying new things. But no company has approached me about it. And it isn't as simple as saying Disney would have to okay it. Of course, they would, but their okay would be contingent on being paid a considerable sum of money... up front.

Response recorded on October 16, 2008