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xephier writes...

Curious if there is any recent(within the past year or 2) updates to the 'gargoyles' is there any plans going underway, A live action or even computer animated movie (beowulf style)perhaps? Geting enough from the first and second season to consider releaseing the second part of season 2 or 3, or a new gargoyles tv series?

Thing is, i've seen rumors droped here and there, but most anything ive seen is at least 3-4 years old, so i've been dieing to know.

Ps: I was browseing through some other questions, one with someone askin if there was a washroom in the clocktower, never thought of it meself, always jus assumed they went well in flight :D

Greg responds...

Check the archives here. Plenty of recent answers, and in any case, I'd post any updates I had. I'm not keeping things from people.

Response recorded on October 22, 2008