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CMoney writes...

I know from various panel reports that you are aware that by now season 2 of Spidey has aired in full in certain non-US countries. If you are unwilling to take questions about episodes that have yet to air States-side, I understand. If not, I'll just say that there are spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't seen episode 2 of season 2, and for them to stop reading now.

I was wondering what your motivation was for the Kraven transformation in episode two. I'm not complaining about it, and think that it was a nice stepping stone for Miles Warrens' assumed path towards villainhood, but I am definitely curious about the thought process and reasoning that went into the decision.

Greg responds...


Well, that dilemma didn't take long to raise its ugly head.

1. Do I respond to posts about episodes that haven't legally aired in the U.S. yet?

2. Do I delete these posts without responding?

3. Do I let the posts themselves stand, but refuse to comment?

You'd think I'd be ready with a plan -- but I'm not.


Obviously, if you're reading this, I decided not to go with option 2, which leaves 1 or 3.


What the hell!


Frankly, I just liked the idea of a mutated Kraven from Ultimate. Didn't like the Crocodile Hunter pastiche done there, but the animal mutation made sense to me for the character. We tried to design something for the mutation that felt more Kraven-y, and, yes, it did seem to dovetail nicely with our plans for Miles (though I would never have done it for that reason alone). Of course the boarding, direction and animation on the first Spidey/Kravinoff battle came off so well, that mutating him may have seemed unnecessary in hindsight. But even before the episode was animated, we had further (Season Three) plans for Kraven that will make the change seem worthwhile. Well, to me, anyway.

Response recorded on March 23, 2009