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Graymonk writes...


Wow! we're really closing in on the answer. Let's see if I can't narrow down which clan on Aris' record breaking post is incorrect (and maybe pimpoint what country the last clan is in).

1) London, England
2) Guatemala
3) Ishimura, Japan
4) Xanadu, China
5) New Olympus
6) Loch Ness, Scotland
7) Avalon
8) Manhattan, U.S.A.
9) Labyrinth, U.S.A.
10) New Camelot, Antarctica
11) Wyvern, Scotland
12) Paris, France
13) Space Spawn Homeworld
14) Egypt

P.S. Thankyou for posting the link to Zot! Online. I always wondered what happened to Zot, Peabody and the rest.

Greg responds...

12 points tyca

And you're welcome. I love ZOT!

Response recorded on September 06, 2000