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Stephen writes...

Hi Greg,

Big fan of your Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. You've done us Spidey fans proud. Doctor Octopus is my all time favourite Spidey villain, and like everything else in the show, you've done a brilliant job bringing him to life from the comics. I particularly loved the adaption of the Master Planner storyline. And the wonderful Peter MacNicol does a tremendous job voicing the character.

My question to you is do you have any future Doc Ock stories in mind that you'd like to adapt? There's still so many more great ones to choose from. The Nullifier arc and the Death of Captain Stacy from the Stan Lee days, for example.

Keep up the great work. I hope you guys get a third season to continue your fantastic work on this cartoon.

All the best,


Greg responds...

I have MANY stories in mind...

Response recorded on April 02, 2009