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Stuart Green writes...

Hello again, Mr. Weisman.
I have a few more questions, if you don't mind me asking...

1.) You mentioned that you intended to use characters like the Kingpin and the Human Torch on your show, and on an interview with IGN you said that you had a Hulk story from the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko era in mind that you wanted to tell at some point. I've read that you could not use any of these characters at the moment due to legal rights and I'm merely guessing you still can't for now. When there is a season three, and hopefully not "if" there's another season, how do you guys go about making sure you can get the rights to use a currently-unavailable character on your show? Who do you guys have to talk to in order to get permission to use those characters in the episode(s) you'd like to have him/her appear in? If not for season three, then maybe we'll get lucky enough to see guest characters on a fourth season, but I know I'm getting too far ahead of you on this topic. I guess it's just hard not to get carried away wondering what comes next on a show you love watching like "The Spectacular Spider-Man". Anyway, I'm just asking because I'd like to see Spider-Man to meet at least one or two other heroes in the future to show that Spidey's not the only one saving the city. As unlikely as it is for now and even if it doesn't happen on "The Spectacular Spider-Man", I'd really, really like to see another Spider-Man/Hulk episode made one day since the two heroes haven't been seen on the same show together since "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends".

2.) Since Kraven appears in season two, is it possible that there will be any of the Chameleon and Kraven ties explored on this show? They have a lot of history together in the comics, being half-brothers and all.

3.) When there's a season three, do you have any plans in mind for which Spider-Man foes that you'd like to introduce on the next season whether or not they become villains on this show? For example, like introducing Dr. Carolyn Trainer before she becomes Lady Octopus or introducing Michael Morbius before he becomes Morbius the living vampire. Even if you can't comment on the two examples that I mentioned above, do you have any ideas in mind even if you can't say who?

4.) How likely do you think it'll be we can see more of the Black Cat when the show is picked up for a new season?

Thank you for your time and keep up the excellent work, sir. I really hope you and the rest of the crew return for another season.

Greg responds...


1. This is a non-issue until or unless we get a pick-up.

2. No comment.

3. Yep.

4. Very.

Response recorded on April 02, 2009