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Jim writes...

First I just wanted to say that I loved the format or device or whatever you might call it that was common among the episodes in the newer Venom arc-- really worked for me. Loved the videos, the Shakespeare, really great placement there. The second Goblin arc had a similar format as well, I'm hoping future arcs can be so closely linked in that way, rather than just by villains and storylines.

Also, one of the few flaws I've noticed with the show is the lack of continuity with regard to destruction-- certain locations (Bugle, Midtown) seem devastated by a fight in one episode and look fine about a month later.

Anyway, questions:

1. So you said in a previous entry that the first arc this season is "Engineering 101." What names did the writers give to the others? "Criminology" and "Theater" seem obvious, but the second arc is hard to pin down.

2. No original named characters, right? I don't think anyone online has ID'ed the Michael kid from "Gangland." Could you shed some light on this?

3. Goblin raises an interesting point-- duration or frustration? Which did the staff think was the cause of Mark's heating issues? Also, did Goblin turn the armor off after the prison fight?

4. How is Rand taking his "brother's" downfall? I was hoping to see a reaction, I assume it was cut for time or pacing reasons. I know there's already a ton to pack in to the episodes.

5. Is Curt still working on a cure for Max? It seems like that should be priority one (understandably, he seems often characterized by his guilt), but there isn't any sign that he's even trying.

Also, I thought you guys did a fantastic job with Liz. Honestly, I greatly prefer her to Gwen (though I seem to be in the minority). Surprising, since she was mostly a nuisance in her first couple appearances. Flash has become one of my favorites as well.

Fingers crossed for a third season!

Greg responds...


Actually, relative to most cartoon shows, we think we've been pretty attentive to damage. The Bugle was demolished by Rhino in episode 6. In episode 7, it was still demolished. Yes, by the next time we saw it, it was repaired, but at least we aren't ignoring the damage.

1. Engineering 101, Human Development 101, Criminology 101, Drama 101.

2. Michael was the Kids WB contest winner. Of course, that episode will never air on the now non-existent KidsWB , but we felt we had to honor our commitment. Anyway, Michael knows who he is.

3. No comment on the first half of your question. As for the second half, I'd think that he did turn it off. He wouldn't want Mark to have access to the power on his own terms.

4. It wasn't "cut" in the sense that it was scripted or boarded or animated and then cut for time. But I'm assuming that our audience is intelligent enough to read certain things between the lines, so to speak. Things happen off screen. We can't show everything. I assume you can fill in the blank for yourself based on what we've already shown you as to how Rand is reacting to John's situation.

5. Yes. Again, just because we don't show him working on it in every episode doesn't mean he's given up. It just means he hasn't found it yet... or made any real progress worth mentioning.

Response recorded on April 02, 2009