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Nabil writes...

Hey Greg,
First congrats on the AWESOME Spectacular Spidey 2nd Season, its undoubtly the best cartoon season ever made.

1- I wanted to ask if you know of any plans from Sony/marvel to make a spectacular Spider-man Video game and tie in Comic book series?

2- If you have to guess, what is the percentage of season 3 been ordered and when do you think we will hear that info?

3- Since the series has ended production, will it be hard to gather the whole team again once a season 3 is commissioned ?

Keep up the great work and thanx for giving us the best Spidey animated series

Greg responds...

1. None that I know of, but I'm game to help with either if they do.

2. I'd guess we'd hear after season 2 starts airing in the summer. But that's JUST a guess. I wouldn't pretend to be able to set odds at this point. But I'm hopeful.

3. Yes, it will.

Response recorded on April 13, 2009