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Sadler writes...

Hello Greg,

I have watched your series of Spectacular Spiderman and it was very very entertaining to watch. I don't know why Disney wouldn't give you a new season (oh yeah....ratings) but it definatly should have a new season.

I have three questions if you can ask them, I'll try not to reveal anything^^

1- Some villains who made a couple of appearances this season (Mysterio, Kraven, Silvermane etc.) will they become bigger role in the Spidey Gallery or will we have the main villains in the spotlight next season.

2- Who is in charge of crime now? Is it Hammerhead or Tombstone or the he who must not be named? Since the season finale I wasn't sure if I misse something or will this be settled in the possible Season 3 and ?

3- Was Tombstoe your original choice as Bigman or did you have someone else you wanted as the head of crime. I know you couldn't use Kingpin but was Tombstone your first choice?

Greg responds...


1. I'm not sure I understand the question. But in any case, I'm not spoiling Season Three.

2. After the end of our 26th episode, another power vacuum has been created. Beyond that, I'm not saying.

3. Kingpin was my first choice, but I'm VERY pleased with how Tombstone turned out.

Response recorded on April 13, 2009