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Mike P. writes...

I recently watched season two of Spectacuar Spider-Man, and I have to hand it to you. I honestly think you topped season one. I've honestly never given much thought to the crime family plots in spider-man before, but the gang war arc was very exciting and a thrill to watch. You made Silvermane badass! I also enjoyed the unmasking of Green Goblin. I liked how you more or less played around with the identity of a well-estabished villain in such a way that had me second guessing myself several times throughout the episode.

I also would like to personally thank you for the inclusion of Mark Alan in the series. I myself am Puerto Rican and was happy to see a fellow boricua in an animated series that wasn't either a stereotypical gang member or throw away comic relief. There really arn't that many major puerto rican characters in comics, and the ones that are there don't really have that big of roles, have lame powers, or are killed off (see Vibe from DC or Tag from Marvel). I thought Mark Alan's character was well developed and I enjoyed his redemptive nature as well as his various character flaws. I'm looking forward to the progression of his character in the future, and the progression of the series as a whole. You've set up several plot points that have me excited for a possible third season and beyond. It would definetely be a shame if the show isn't picked up again.

Thanks again for a great show, and good luck on all your endeavors!

Greg responds...


I'm really glad you liked it... and that you liked Mark. We're hoping for a third season too.

Response recorded on April 16, 2009