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anonymous writes...


Since we had season finale arcs for the symbiote/Venom and the Green Goblin, are you open to the idea to a Doctor Octopus season finale storyline?

Also, I hope we see more of Mary Jane Watson next season, please. Yeah, we know Venom said that Peter loves Gwen most on this show, but I'd love to see more of M.J. with Peter. And more Anna Watson, too. Mary Jane's Aunt Anna has kind of been a no-show lately.

I hope we see more of Tombstone. Kevin Michael Richardson does a fantastic job on the show. Hope Calypso and Molten Man return, too.

By the way, will we ever hear Harry Osborn's mom speak on the show?

I'd like to say thanks so much to you and the rest of the writers and crew of this show. "The Spectacular Spider-Man" is the best Spider-Man TV series I've ever seen. Hope that everyone on the cast/crew returns for many more seasons.

Greg responds...


Thanks. We hope so too.

Response recorded on April 21, 2009