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Chryse writes...

Hey Greg!

Watched "Gargoyles" as a kid and loved it (it was a lot darker than most cartoons at the time...which I thought was excellent), and have been an avid follower of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" (you really outdid yourself there, gotta say). I'm from Canada, so I've seen the second season already and, as such, have a brief query regarding the look of Gwen Stacy...

In one of the later episodes M.J. gives Gwen a make-over that sticks around (albeit with some alterations) for the remaining episodes. With that in mind, I was wondering if you plan on retaining this design for the proposed third season? I thought the change was excellent, and gave her character a lovely "girl-next-door" look that's very much in line with Romita's work on the series.


Can't wait to see more of your work in the future -- whether it's Gargoyles, Spidey or something entirely new!

Greg responds...


Our plan is for Gwen to keep the long hair and the headband (which will generally, but not always, be black). She'll wear glasses sometimes, contacts other times. Her clothes will obviously depend on the occasion and the weather. But her base model won't change in a proposed Season Three (since all three seasons take place within a span of months.

Response recorded on April 22, 2009