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anonymous writes...


Do you think it's likely we can see a Mysterio story from the comic books on your show in the future? Like "Spider-Man Goes Mad!" where Mysterio is Dr. Reinhart, or the story where he makes Spider-Man think he's only six inches tall?

I really love what you've done with Electro. Kind of surprised that it seems he now likes being Electro in season two, though, since he just wanted to be cured in season one. Seems he's literally gone mad with power now. Will Electro ever look human again but keep his powers, or is his "electric being" look permanent for your show? Regardless, hope Electro returns for season three.

Hope that Captain Stacy returns, too. But I don't want him killed off the show just yet. I've read on the internet that a lot of people want to see the "Death of George Stacy" story done on the show, but can you wait bit till you tell that story? I thought Captian Stacy dies when Peter is in college and not in high school, so it's a bit early for that story. Besides, I'm loving what has been done with the character so far.

I also hope Blackie Gaxton and Sha Shan come back for season three. I love how Gaxton's been seen a few times on your show, since he only appeared once in the comics with Doc Ock. Nice to see you've done more with these characters than the comic books ever did.

Thank you.


Greg responds...


Thanks. I'm sure every character you mentioned will return if we get a third season.

Response recorded on April 24, 2009