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Jesse B. writes...

Hello again, Greg!

I apologize if my last comment about Robbie, Jean, and Stan in Spectacular came off as overly critical. That was absolutely NOT my intention! "Silly" was definitely the wrong word to use in regards to the use of Jean and Stan in the series. I really am looking forward to further development with those two, and I especially love the occasional dark asides we get from Stan.

In regards to the Master Planner arc: definitely a stellar job overall, especially "Shear Strength" which instantly became my favourite episode in the series. Jen and the staff definitely get major props for putting so much intensity and passion into that episode.

There was one thing I was a little unclear on throughout the first arc of season 2:

- Was Tinkerer the one who constructed those androids that Mysterio used, or was it Beck? Or were they provided by someone else?

One other thing: I just love the way that you-know-who uses "Master Planner" as his crime lord name. I hope that continues into the future!

Greg responds...

Mostly Tinkerer.

Response recorded on May 05, 2009