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Martin writes...

Got a few more questions. Any news on the ratings, Greg? also, do you thing the Disney XD schedule is good? I mean repeating the same episodes for weeks? And, do you think a possible season 3 should have more new villains than returning?

Greg responds...

Guys, BEFORE you post questions, how about looking at the queue to see whether or not someone has posted the exact same question... like three questions in a row, okay? As a favor to me, please?

As far as I can tell, Disney XD is introducing one Season One episode a week (after introducing three in the first week). Then they rerun the newly introduced episode alongside any already introduced throughout the week that follows. This gives them a cumed rating score for each episode. You make it sound like they're taking one episode and only one episode and repeating it for weeks. That's just not the case.

As always, if we get a third season, there will be a mix of new and returning villains.

Response recorded on May 07, 2009