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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Hello Greg,

I have a question about language and translations.
Concerning the language "issue" in the Avalon World Tour, and the fact that everybody encountered by the travellers seems to speak English, you once wrote,
<<"Avalon compensates when it sends people to where they need to be...">>

From your response to my "Reunion" review, long ago, it appears this is still the case in canon-in-training. But is this also why Angela can apparently speak English? She seems to speak English in Manhattan. At least, she and Elisa understand one another. It also seems that something was happening when Tom came to New York, and spoke to Morgan and Elisa. Likewise, King Arthur is able to speak to Griff and the Manhattan Clan. And the Avalon clan and their human parents had no trouble talking to Elisa. King Arthur, Tom, the Magus, and Katherine all went to Avalon before the Norman Invasion of England, so they cannot possibly have learned anything resembling modern English before they went there.

1. What is the reason that Angela, Tom, and King Arthur can communicate with modern English speakers?

2a. Do they notice they (or the people they are talking to) are speaking a different language?
b. Did Elisa, Goliath, and Angela notice the language changes during the World Tour?

3. Yes or no: Is this effect(s) on Angela and/or King Arthur permanent?

Greg responds...

1. Again, I'm reduced to the notion that Avalon compensates.

2a. They don't seem to.
2b. They didn't seem to.

3. Seems to be.

Response recorded on May 26, 2009