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Arthur Jr. writes...

Here's a bunch of things I have to ask you

* I got your Kingpin and Marvel Team-Up response. I'm just wondering that if you plan to break the record of seasons that the 90's series have should "The Spectacular Spider-Man" be popular, you might feature the said heroes then. Any chance you want to break the record if Sony will allow it?

* Though the rights and contracts to Kingpin aren't available is what a know now. Yet I didn't get your answer on the Beetle from the same question though. Of course it could be that he came when other heroes and villains were introduced over time. Right?

* When I first heard Hobie Brown in "Opening Night," I thought it was Greg Cipes voicing him. It turned out to be Charles Duckworth voicing him. Good thing the credits confirmed me on that.

* When Silvermane was featured, Silver Sable (who led the mercenary Wild Pack team in the comics) was featured as his daughter. I guess this was a creative part on your side since his son Joseph Manfredi (known in the comics as Daredevil villain Blackwing) wasn't introduced yet. I did like that you made Silvermane a bit younger than his comics counterpart.

* Doctor Octopus being an OsCorp scientist and the accident that caused his tentacles to be apart of him reminded me of the Ultimate Marvel version of Doctor Octopus (whose tentacles have ends that are made up of nanobots that enable the tentacles to have various lethal accessories transforming the three-pronged 'claws' into flamethrowers, tasers, and machine guns) at the time the Ultimate Marvel version of the Green Goblin came into view. In the Ultimate Marvel Comics, Doctor Octopus blamed the accident on the Ultimate Marvel version of Justin Hammer (who was responsible for creating the Ultimate Marvel versions of Electro and Sandman).

Greg responds...

1. It's not like there's some competition. That was a Spider-Man for it's time. I'm trying to do one for now. And exactly what record are you talking about anyway? How do you measure it? This is silliness, frankly. First of all, it's moot until we get a pick-up. Second of all, it's moot until I have legal access to these other characters. And third, my basic response hasn't changed. I'd like to use Kingpin, and I'd like to do the OCCASIONAL team-up. But I'm not going to change the game plan to break some record that we both know doesn't really -- and shouldn't -- exist.

2. Simply put, Beetle isn't on the approved list. If I had to guess, I'd say he's on the Fantastic Four's list. Or maybe Daredevil's. But he's not on Spidey's.

3. Yep.

4. Thanks.

5. Is there a question here? I was definitely influence at least in part by early issues of Ultimate. But the bigger influence was of course Lee/Ditko.

Response recorded on May 28, 2009