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Robert Lee writes...

Hey Greg, I'm a huge fan of The Spectacular Spiderman, and by far it is the best Spiderman series that I have seen. I was curious to see if there were any further developments on a season 3 for the show. So I guess my question is:
Will there be a season 3? If so when do u expect it to make its debut?

Greg responds...

Seriously? You didn't see the thirty plus times I've already answered this question or the thirty plus times this question was in the queue ahead of yours. I mean, dude, do you think I'm HIDING a pick-up from you guys?

<sigh> We won't know anything until sometime AFTER the SECOND season starts airing on Disney XD in late june. Figure July or August for news on a pick-up. If it comes, I'd guess ew episodes would probably be held for September 2010.

Response recorded on May 29, 2009