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Greg Bishansky writes...


Okay, so, I exist in the Spectacular Spider-Man Universe, and I was Norman Osborn's chauffeur at one point. Harry mentioned me as the worst chauffeur ever, and that he thought his dad was going to pop a vessel.

Okay, so later on, Norman went nuts, and became the Green Goblin. He went after the Big Man, tried to kill Otto, and just plain went nuts on people he doesn't like.

Am I still alive in the Spectacular Spider-Man Universe? I think that if I had that guy mad at me, it's okay for me to inquire to my present health.

Where am I now in the Spideyverse? ;)


Greg responds...


Dude, could this question be any more self-aggrandizing if you tried?

But somehow I doubt that Goblin ran around avenging every petty annoyance. I mean, hell, I let you live.

Response recorded on June 01, 2009