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Jim writes...

1. So now that Norman is dead to the world, where does this leave Vulture? Is his place in Ock's organization and his Spider-grudge enough to keep him in the rogues' gallery, or will he figure "mission accomplished" and hang up his wings? Is this topic something that we should expect to see explored next season?

2. Without getting into spoiler territory, was the Tombstone/Venom scene meant to be building to something? I can't decide if it was a one-off and meant only to highlight what Spidey wouldn't do, or whether I should keep that connection in the back of my mind for future use, as an unresolved plotpoint.

Speaking of Venom, it just occurred to me that they are the only ones that would still think Harry is the Goblin. Unless Gobby's identity is public knowledge by now?

3. Someone asked a question earlier, but I didn't think your answer was the most clear (you seemed to be responding only to another part of his question): Was Mysterio ever in jail? Was the Beck who talked to Lee a robot, or was it the real deal, and he escaped at a later point?

4. Was Tinkerer working for Tombstone because he had defected or was he merely lending his services for a fee? If the latter, why would Otto let him give the enemy weapons when he knows a gang war is looming?

5. I had assumed that the money Norman got from Kingsley was being used solely for his getaway to the islands. Someone else thought he had used the entirety of his unmarked account to rig the city for his duel with Spidey. Which is correct? Or is it a combination?

Greg responds...

1. No comment.

2. No comment.

3. Though I have my opinion, I'll leave this up to the interpretation of the viewer.

4. Tinkerer is a freelancer.

5. He has the money. How he spends it is his business.

Response recorded on June 03, 2009