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Anonymous writes...

Dear Greg,
i love your version of spiderman it keeps me entertained and i just can't seem to be patient for the next one. i like yours for various reasons. one of them being of that gwen stacy is the main love interest not mary jane. Which is cool cause it's not like the original but i do know how things can change around. You can make relationship not work(which would be a drag) or even kill her off which brings to my next point, i don't like the original Spiderman story because everyone dies: Gwen Stacy, Mary-Jane, Aunt May, Harry, the Sandman etc. its so DEPRESSING. i just pray that you make a good story and end it good if not great(you have so far). Also just wondering do you have and idea when season 3 will debut?(not in America cause i know season 2 is starting over here)

Greg responds...

I know Aunt May has died at least once, but that wasn't permanent. Even Harry is back. And I don't ever recall Mary Jane or Sandman dying. But maybe I missed that.

As for Season Three, please, please check the archives.

Response recorded on June 03, 2009