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Paul writes...

A few questions about The Spectacular Spiderman:

1) Has the real Mysterio even crossed paths with Spidey at all, not counting the pre-Mysterio encounter in "Persona"? Just wondering because of the running gag about Mysterio's robot doppelgangers.

2) In “Persona”, who hired Chameleon and who hired Black Cat?

3) Do you plan on having Felicia Hardy appear out of costume in a future season?

4) Was there any significance to the lone pumpkinhead goon who got away at the beginning of "Final Curtain"?

Greg responds...

1. Define "crossed paths".

2. No comment.

3. Yes.

4. Yeah. He got away with all those weapons loaded in the truck. So even though Spidey webbed up the majority of goons at that heist, the weapons still made it to Gobby's Gob Squads.

Response recorded on June 04, 2009