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Arthur Jr. writes...

Here are some questions and comments:

1. In another fact about the Beetle, the other bad guy to fight him was Iron Man. As a member of Egghead's Masters of Evil, he fought the Avengers.

2. Though Mac Gargan was mentioned in "Final Curtin," this might be a hint for his appearance if the third season is confirmed. A reference linking to one your answered questions mentioned the appearance of Hydro-Man. True or False? If a Season Three is announced, will some of the villains you plan to include have their VAs made public?

3. When it came to Molten Man, he first met Spider-Man around the time of his high school graduation. Should the series continue, will you have an episode revolved around that?

Greg responds...


1. I knew that.

2. What's the question, exactly? Voice actors are always listed on the credits. If you're asking if I plan to scoop the third season if and when it's announced, the answer is NO.

3. Around what? Graduation? We will depict the senior class (i.e. Rand and Kong) graduating in Season Three if we get a Season Three. That's a given, since the third season would obviously include the months of April, May and June at least, so I don't feel like I'm spoiling anything. It's not likely that Mark will graduate with Rand's class, since he missed finishing his Senior Year with Eddie's class by being sent to Juvie and then wound up getting sent to Rykers after only a couple months of being back in school. Whatever course work he needed to complete to earn a diploma obviously could not have been completed.

Response recorded on June 05, 2009