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David B. Jacobs writes...

Hey, Greg!
Well, you've talked guest heroes before, but what about guest villains? If it's not "No comment" area, could you say whether or not you'd like to use guys like Doctor Doom or Juggernaut, assuming you could get the rights?

Greg responds...

I'm not going to start going through a laundry list of non-Spidey villains (beyond Kingpin) that I might like to use. There are some that seem like natural fits to oppose Spidey, but any character I don't have access to is still a character I don't have access to, so I haven't spent a ton of time coming up with stories that I couldn't use.

And I have barely scratched the surface on SPIDEY VILLAINS as it is. In fact, I know a bunch of fans think I've already introduced too many of Spidey's villains. I don't agree. I enjoyed introducing -- on average -- one per episode first season. And then a handful of additional villains with each following season, while trying to keep ALL the villains (heroes and supporting cast) alive. It's a challenge, of course, but it's a challenge I enjoy. Opening up our little Spidey series to the ENTIRE Marvel Universe never interested me.

Response recorded on June 05, 2009