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Bazell writes...

I was rewatching 'Enter Macbeth' yesterday and was wondering how sentamental Macbeth is about material objects collected over time. Watching his New York mansion burn and crumble must have left a bitter taste in Macbeth's mouth, but was it just the defeat? That stained glass window was pretty nice. Probably was an extensive project to commision. There was that whole hall of weapons. Were any of them relics from the past? Macbeth sure has a tendancy to hold a grudge, which would lend itself to the habit of collecting keepsakes. But then again maybe not. In 'A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time' he was interested in Merlin's scrolls for their potential power and scoffed at Broadway's suggestion that they were important in and of themselves. I'm Goliath didn't destroy everything of value to Macbeth as I'm sure his storhouses are many and plentiful, but was there / would there ahve been anything of sentimental value to Macbeth destroyed in that fire? Does he collect such things? Original edition books; paintings; photographs; etc.

Greg responds...

I'm sure he has/had a substantial collection. And I'm sure there were certain things he lost that he'd miss. But I don't see him as being all that materialistic. And I definitely don't see him as a guy who generically carries grudges against any perceived slight. I also don't think he scoffed at Broadway's suggestion that the scrolls were important in and of themselves. Quite the reverse, he hadn't thought of that UNTIL Broadway pointed it out. At which point, he let them go back to the museum without a fight.

Response recorded on June 18, 2009