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Jherti writes...

Maybe no one has gotten it right yet (but I could be wrong). Anyways, I'm posting my guess for The Fourteen Clans (of Greg Weisman). (There's a Scooby Doo series called: The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo)

1) Manhattan
2) Avalon
3) London
4) Ishimura, Japan
5) Guatemala
6) New Olympus
7) Xanadu, China
8) Labyrinth
9) Paris, France
10) Wyvern, Scotland
11) Loch Ness, Scotland
12) Queen Florence Island
13) New Camelot, Antarctica
14) Bermuda

ok, let's hope (if no one got it) that this will help, some...

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 14, 2000