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Hal_Emmerich writes...

Hey Greg

In several responses, you have indicated that the events of A Midsummer Nights Dream did occur, albeit in a different manner. This actually leads me to a series of questions surrounding the existence of the Immortal Bard I was wondering if you'd answer.

#1: Was the play itself written in the Gargoyles universe?
#2: Did Shakespeare actually have knowledge/involvement of the events, or was he merely writing from folklore and legend?
#3: We've seen that characters from both Macbeth and Midsummer Nights Dream exist in the Gargoyles Universe and are real. Did any of the other plays occur as well (The Tempest for example)? If so, were they written in Gargoyles Chronology, and did Shakespeare have any special inspiration/connection to writing them.

Thank you for your time.


Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. I'm not revealing that at this time.

3. All the plays were written. As I've mentioned before, a version of events in "The Tempest" and other plays also took place at various times. Sometimes Shakespeare had special knowledge. Other times he didn't.

Response recorded on July 02, 2009