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David Blyth writes...

Hi Mr. Wiesman

A question related to "The Batman", it was a very different kind of Batman series, fresh off the gridiron and airing alongside the final seasons of JLU, I'm not sure if it had a chance to really "define itself" in light of such a strong legacy, but part of what gave it it's own identity was the hard work of Duane Capizzi, Alan Burnett, a great voice cast (Mitch Pillegi!), and your own scripts.

"The Everywhere Man" featured the voice acting of "Superman Returns" leading man Brandon Rough, who played the main antagonist, his co-star was Allison Mack, aka Chole Sullivan from long-lasting Superman series "Smallville", so all in all, it felt like a big Hollywood atmosphere

1. Do you have any memories of this beyond just the scripting process?

2. Were you told to write characters that "complimented" Brandon and Allison or did you know they were coming in?

Greg responds...

1. Well, I was at the voice recording, and it was a lot of fun. Both Allison and Brandon were VERY nice. SUPERMAN RETURNS had not hit theaters yet, but was due out soon, and Brandon really struck me as Clark Kent.

2. Didn't know who was going to play the characters when I wrote the script.

Response recorded on July 07, 2009