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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

Hello Greg,

This is probably a strange question, but here goes:

In (or before) "Mark of the Panther," Anansi became big and fat because the werepanthers brought meat to him, right? But the Third Race are creatures of pure magic, not mortal flesh and blood, so they don't necessarily digest food the same way we do. For all I know, even eating is a strange magical process for them.

I'm not saying that he should not have become fat or that I disagree with the story. I'm just interested in how it happened, because it seems to me it could possibly be different from how a mortal becomes fat. Anansi isn't a sympathetic character in Gargoyles, but it did seem like he enjoys food!

So just out of curiosity, in what way did eating a lot make Anansi big and fat? Did he gain chemical energy from the protein, carbohydrates, and fats in the food like a mortal animal would, by chemically digesting them? Did the food simply add matter to his body? Did it give him some kind of non-chemical energy? Or was it some other reason?


Greg responds...

He was a gourmand. He liked food. He ate food. His spider-form got larger. Beyond that, I have no details.

Response recorded on July 21, 2009