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Todd Jensen writes...

Yesterday, I saw a promo for the second "Gargoyles" trade paperback by Slave Labor Graphics at YouTube, complete with what were apparently panels from Brooklyn's Timedancing adventures in the latter half (which would have been #10 to #12). It looked great - especially the indication that the Phoenix Gate's taking Brooklyn away from modern-day Manhattan was even more dramatic than I'd imagined. And the scenes in 10th century Scotland - ah, it's a pity that my article on "Gargoyles" for the "television gets medieval" anthology had to focus on the television series rather than the comics revival, because I'd have found lots of material here. (Not to mention the Stone of Destiny story, with Macbeth and King Arthur's involvement, and the glimpses of the Stone's role in early Scottish history, such as St. Columba and Kenneth mac Alpin, through Shari.) Now I'm really looking forward to it.

Greg responds...

Glad to hear it. I got a look at the finished product in San Diego, and it came out great! Not that I'm biased or anything. ;)

I know a few fans - just under 100 - picked it up, and I'm anxious to hear what they think.

Response recorded on July 28, 2009