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Okuraorca writes...

Greetings Greg,
First of all, I want to thank you for doing Spectacular Spiderman. This show has had me on the edge of my seat from the first episode until the last, and I really hope there will be a Season Three. If there is, I hope it all goes well, as I am looking forward to more!
Anyway, I had a few questions about how the show is planned out, if I may ask, as I am keen to learn about how the process of writting and planning out the episodes and the plotlines is done, as I am in the process of trying to create some complex stories myself.
First all, I notice that your plotlines have intertwining plotlines that grow from one thing to something else later (IE: The gene cleanser's use in Season 2 even after we were sure to have seen the last of it in Season one). My question was to this concept, of how you write these plotlines. Do you have them all planned out from the start, or do you look backwards to previous episodes to find ways to get them to interact with what's happened before?
Second question, about the planning of the series again. Do you choose a character then create a plotline about that character, or rather; Select a plot idea, then cycle through characters to find what ones would work best for that episode? Or if there is a combination of the two, which do you find easier to work with?
Third, when it comes to cutting things from a plot (events, characters, etc...), because there's just not enough time for it all, what are the things you look for or consider with things that have to be cut? I'm not just meaning main events in the plotline either, but more like, you have two jokes that could happen and you remove one and keep the other. What makes you keep one thing you want, but cut the other?
And finally, just a small, easy one here. I loved the use of Molten Man, as I'd always seen him as a minor villian, as there's very little about him compared to major villians, yet you made him awesome in the show (I'll also admit Mysterio also always bored me, but you made me like him in the show and want to see more!). I don't want names, as I know you don't give them out, but did you have plans for other 'minor' or lesser known villians to show up further down the track? Just curious really.

At any rate thanks for your time, and here's hoping for Season Three!

~ Okuraorca

Greg responds...


1. For each season, I have a giant bulletin board (really two bulletin boards hung side by side) covered with multi-color index cards, so that we can track plotlines across an entire season. The writers and I then break one arc at a time, constantly aware of what has come before and what is planned yet to come.

2. It's just more organic in general than what you're describing.

3. How crucial it is to the storytelling of that episode.

4. I don't consider either Mysterio or Molten Man to be minor or lesser.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009