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rapscallion writes...

Love what you've done with Spectacular Spider-Man. Pure genius. Not just one of the best animated Series since BTAS, but probably one of the smartest shows on TV right now.


When it comes to Gwen, I can easily figure why you made her Peter's friend and secret crush and all, due to her role in the comics, but why did you decide to make her a "nerd"? I remember her being, well, "Gorgeous Gwendolyn" in the comics. I realize she had a "make-over" in season 2, but the question is still there in my head.

Emily Osborn. What's up with her? Except in Ultimate, where Norman did some "bad things" to her, Norman was always a widower. So why did you keep her? Especially since, well, she's got the personality of a spoon? I feel like there's a message there but I can't quite get it.

One moment specifically, was when in the episode Blueprints, Martha Connor is getting pressure from Norman, Aaron Warren, Miles Warren, and her husband, to reinstate Peter despite her mistrust and for some reason she looks to Emily Osborn and then relents to it. Was there some message there?

What's with the mole on Peter's cheek? I heard it was some in-joke or something, but to what end?

Why did you make Kraven a "Cat-mutant"? I think it ended up working and I personally like it, but it's a very different take. Was it just to make him more modern? To avoid mention of his "voodoo potions"? Why?

I like how you're taking a realistic time-frame with the seasons and Peter's school year, but hypothetically, if you got a fourth season, would that be during the summer, or would you skip over it and get started in November of Peter's senior year? Also, will you include his college years in the show or would that be saved for DT-DVDs?

Did the title at the end of the theme song get an upgrade? In Season 2, it looked... shinier and bulkier. Generally cooler. Did you guys just change it due to Season 1 doing so well or was that always a plan to upgrade it or something?

Lastly, this isn't a question, but a request. I love what you've done with Miles Warren and I like how he's malicious without being "Bwa-ha-ha! evil, but if you ever do clones... you'll make me cry. You will make a grown man cry. Do you want that on your conscious? NO CLONES PLEASE!

You are a genius.

Greg responds...


I'll take your questions, paragraph by paragraph...

Gwen was ALWAYS a brain in the comics. This is often forgotten, but one of the reasons she was so interesting to both Peter and Miles Warren was because she was beautiful AND smart. We just figured that in high school, she'd be smart but not necessarily (in her junior year) already the knockout that she will be in college. But as you've seen, the transformation has already begun.

There's no message. Tthe main reason she was included was because we felt we had too many teens with single parent families. Pete and Aunt May. Gwen and Captain Stacy. Both of those pairings seemed essential to the four characters. Making the third member of the Pete-Gwen-Harry three musketeers ALSO from a single parent family seemed a bit much. And, we have plans for Emily that we will get to in Season Three if there is a Season Three.

Martha was looking for a little back-up from SOMEONE, anyone. Aaron Warren wanted Pete back at the lab. Norman encouraged it. Miles voted with Norman. And Curt basically folded. So she looked to the only person left at the table. But Emily had no opinion on the subject.

There's no "end". Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, our character designer, has a similar mole and he puts it on the cheek of all his lead characters.

The mutated Kraven idea was borrowed/adapted from Ultimate Spider-Man. The short answer is that we thought it was a pretty cool idea and visual. Plus we have long term plans for Kraven that I won't get into now.

No decision's been made on Season Three, so I'm not prepared to answer questions about Season Four. But one way or another, we'd cover the summer months. As for college, let me get through high school first.

Vic changed the logo. He liked the new version better.

No comment.


Response recorded on August 04, 2009