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Gonçalo writes...

Hi Greg, so i just recently saw episode 207 "identity crisis" from the spectacular spider-man and i got a question:

What is up with that episode? so all the journalists blindly believe a black suited alien? They see said black suited alien kicking spiderman's ass and they're still focusing more on knowing his identity rather then helping their hero? And even more, they're STILL interested in knowing spiderman's identity even after venom shows his second mouth in front of every journalist while beating spiderman to a bloody pulp?

If I were a journalist i would probably either run for my life or start investigating who is this two mouthed black creature who is defeating spider-man.

Sorry for the rant there, but that episode just made no sense

Greg responds...


It's funny. I guess you're just expressing your take on the episode, but like a lot of recent posts here it feels like you're expecting me to respond by saying, "Gee, you're right, what were we thinking?" And of course, I disagree with you, so that's not going to happen. And again, you probably don't expect it. It just feels that way to me.

I think the episode makes plenty of sense. The things you bring up are NOT mutually exclusive from the things we focused on. I certainly buy the idea that reporters en masse get an idée fixe (that's the second time in two posts I've used that term) in their heads and RUN with it to the exclusion of other ideas, because I literally see it EVERY DAY on the news. EVERY DAY. (Obama's birth certificate, anyone?) Doesn't mean some or all of these reporters aren't alos pursuing the Venom angle. We just chose not to focus on that.

But you're entitled to your opinion.

Response recorded on August 05, 2009