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The Main Man writes...

Hey, Greg. I have two questions I want to ask you. They're both about Spectacular Spider-Man.
1. You've said besides Spidey, there are more heroes active in Spectacular Spider-Man. You've said the Fantastic Four were celebrities, Hulk was a myth, Captain America is still frozen, Ant-Man is somewhere out there also doing his job, and that Professor X is currently building his school with first students Cyclops and Beast. But what about the Punisher? Is he currently active? Did his family get killed yet? Is he already a vigilante? What about the Punisher?

2. You've mentioned active heroes. But what about active villains? Which villains besides Spidey's are currently active in the series?

3. Will we ever see the Lizard again at some point in the show?

4. In the 90s Spider-Man series, Morbius was watered down. He couldn't say the word blood at all so he always said he needed "plasma". He was also not allowed to suck anyone's blood so he absorbed their energy or something (can't really remember). If you are ever going to use Morbius at some point, will he be watered down like in the 90s series or will he be a "real" vampire?

4. Same as question 3 only with Carnage. If you are going to ever use him, will he be watered down or stay the same maniac he is in the comics?

5. Before I ask you to answer my last questio, I just want to stay the Green Goblin was AWESOME! Before, I hated the Green Goblin and now due to you, he's my favorite Spider-Man villain. But most of the plot elements for the Green Goblin were taken from the Hobgoblin (e.g. framing Harry, removing mental effects from globulin green, faking his death and retiring to some island, etc.). I'm kind of worried now because the Hobgoblin barely has anything left. You do have a plan already for the Hobgoblin don't you? You know how to handle him, right? Please say yes. Please say yes!!!!!

Greg responds...

1. Not yet.

2. I'm not going to go down a list of every villain in the Marvel Universe and check off who's been up to bat at this point. But as a general rule, if you go get the ESSENTIAL MARVEL volumes and focus on the early pre-Avengers days, you'll be able to see what villains are extent in my mind -- to the extent I've given ANY thought at all to villains I know I can't use. It's silly enough that I've given thought to heroes I know I can't use.

3. No comment.

4. No comment.

5. I think so. (Though I should point out I don't actually agree with your assessment of our take on Green Goblin.)

Response recorded on August 06, 2009