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No comment writes...

Hey, Mr. Greg. I have a few questions from TSSM I want you to answer.

1. Have you already planned out season 3 in your head or do you not know yet how will it be like? I am NOT asking you to reveal season 3 villains and plot. I'm just asking you if you already know where you're going with season 3.

2. You have an awesome imagination. Spectacular Spider-Man is just great. I don't know where you come up with all these amazing ideas. Who are you? No. What are you? No human can be that talented. You must be an alien.

3. Are you allowed to kill anyone in the show if you want to?

4. First of all, Molten Man was awesome. The Green Goblin had control of Molten Man's abilities with that remote. Now that Osborn is defeated, where is the remote?

5. IT'S A JACKAL!!!!!!!!! Will Miles Warren ever become the Jackal in the show? You don't have to answer this question. I already know you will answer it with no comment so go ahead and say no comment. The reason why I wrote this question is because I felt like saying "It's a jackal". I love Family Guy. It's hilarious.

6. Hey, Cool. I can count to 6. Here's my last question. It's not really a Spectacular Spider-Man question but a Comics Spider-Man question. Do you think Spider-Man would be better in high school, university, or somewhere in late 20s when he's not in university?

Greg responds...


1. I've answered this before. Check the archives.

2. Uh... don't ask questions that will force me to assimilate you.

3. We already have.

4. No comment.

5. No comment.

6. I think Spidey should age normally.

Response recorded on August 06, 2009