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Thorgrimur writes...

I just rewatched "Avalon", and while I didn't have any trouble understanding the time loop, there were several things about the Archmage's behaviour that I began to find slightly confusing, most of them because from the Archmage's perspective, only about one day seems to have passed since he was the "one-shot villain" from "Long Way to Morning". So I'd like to ask these questions:

1. Did the Archmage ever actually find out that the Magus managed to cure Prince Malcolm's poisoning? If so, did he get that information from Demona?
2. Why does the Archmage feel his revenge won't be complete without Goliath? As far as the Archmage seemingly knows, Hudson is the leader of the gargoyles, and Hudson was the one who decided to go after him and get the Grimorum, resulting in his "death". It just seems to me that someone as arrogant as the Archmage would consider Goliath in 984 an unimportant pawn. Did Goliath do something to the Archmage prior to their encounter in "Long Way to Morning" that would make him hate Goliath more than Hudson and Prince Malcolm?
3. Did the Archmage ever find out the details about how Goliath survived into the 20th century?

Of course, I guess NONE of the plotting in "Avalon" was really the Archmage's idea, since he was merely instructed by his future self and probably didn't want to alter the plan by adding Malcolm or Hudson onto his black list.

Greg responds...

1. Probably not, but it doesn't matter. As you noted, he was, by this time, following the plan laid out by his empowered self. His vengeance on Malcolm was no longer relevant.

2. Rewatch "Long Way to Morning". Goliath was the IMMEDIATE cause of his "death".

3. Probably not, but it doesn't matter.

Response recorded on August 11, 2009