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Matt writes...

Hey Greg.

This is a very minor question, I admit, but I wanted to make sure the facts noted on your Timeline (and thus the GargWiki) were accurate.

You've noted that on February 3rd, 1995, the armed robber heldup Mr. Jaffe at his store and that the next morning on the 4th the robber returned the money to him.

However, on the night of the third, Mr. Jaffe says, "Can't you rob somebody else this time. This is the third time this month!"

My question is, since it was only the third of the month, was Mr. Jaffe exxagerating or was he implying the last 30 days or did he think it was still January or what? Or did the robber actually rob the store three times in three days?

Sorry if this question strikes you as silly. I admit it certainly is trivial, but I wanted the facts to be straight for the GargWiki if nothing else. At this time, the Wiki indicates that the robber heldup the store three times in January. Should this be changed?

Thanks Greg.

Greg responds...

I think he was saying "within the last 30 days" give or take.

Response recorded on August 11, 2009