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Bob writes...

Hey, Greg Weisman. Love the new Spider-Man show! (best one so far; better than Ramii's movies). My favorite episode so far is "Itervention" where Peter battles the symbiote in his mind. But there's one thing that confuzes me. I know Eddie Brock hates Spider-Man and Peter and blames them for loosing his job. At the end of "Intervention" Spider-Man brought back the symbiote but "killed" it. The symbiote didn't really die. If the symbiote didn't die, that meant Eddie could get his job back. But instead, he bonded with the symbiote and still hated both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. If the symbiote wasn't dead (which at that time were great news for Eddie) then why did Eddie continue to try ruining Spider-Man's life? And plus, in season 2 he got his job back and all so why does he still hate Peter?

Greg responds...

The symbiote is clearly influencing Eddie's mind. And the bond between them eventually becomes all-important to Eddie. And since the bond is based on hatred...

Response recorded on August 12, 2009