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Faust writes...

First I'd like to say, oh my goodness, spectacular spiderman basically took over my life for at least a week watching seasons 1 and 2 in order on youtube, and still watching it when it comes on Disney XD, crazymazing. Secondly, I'm kinda myphed how Gwenn just sorta stopped wearing glasses with no mention of when she got contacts or no one saying, lookin good, or, you look different.

Ramblings aside, my question is who is your favorite character out of the whole show specifically which was the (most fun?) most fun to draw/fabricate? Also, who is your favorite love interest for pete, liz, gwenn, MJ, or cat? (not who he will end up with, you know, just who is your favorite)

big fan :D keep rockin!

P.S. If you're about to type, "I don't have a single favorite" for any of the questions above then my question is, do you have any favorites in this show whatsoever?
P.S.S. Gargoyles was a badnasty show in its day very very high kudos, one of my favorite shows I grew up on :D

Greg responds...

I'm not sure how you missed the moment when Gwen first appeared without glasses (and, yes, of course, wearing contacts) in front of Liz's father's hotel and both Harry and Peter were starstruck. It's not like they didn't notice.

I don't play favorites among the characters I write. I just try to let them live their lives, as much as possible dictating to me what happens next.

Response recorded on August 12, 2009