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Nicky Wan writes...

Hi Greg,

First off I think "The Spectacular Spider-Man" is a fantastic show; it's perfectly captured everything I love about the character, something I didn't feel was the case growing up with the 90s series.

I know that you probably don't know much about this but do you have any information regarding the release of the show on DVD in the Europe? It's available on iTunes in the UK but there's no word of any physical release.

*** SPOILERS for SEASON 2 ***

Apologies if this has been asked already but a search didn't appear to find anything relevant. I was wondering whether you made the decision to include the final scene showing Norman Osborn surviving the explosion because season 3 was not in the pipeline? Or was there some other reason like it just felt better for the flow of the story or for the target audience of the show?

Of course keeping his escape a secret would have made any later return more dramatic; almost as much as the reveal that the Green Goblin was Norman all along. I must say that that revelation was stunningly executed; the way the final episode kept planting seeds of doubt linking Norman to the Green Goblin until the dénouement was amazing!

Thanks a lot for reading this, I hope the executives see sense and let you make season 3 and many more!

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I'm not privy to Sony's international DVD release plans.


Norman's survival was a purely creative choice. Don't you get tired of characters "dying" and then inevitably returning. To me, it cheapens the very concept of death. So I didn't want our series to try to fool you on that subject (for more than a few minutes). You'd know right up front that he was alive and well, even if the cast all thought he was gone. That way no one feels cheated, right? I mean face it, if he had eventually returned would you really have been stunned?

Response recorded on August 12, 2009