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MisterDrBob writes...

Okay, so I know you haven't read my second question yet, so consider this an apology for it. Looking back it's stupid. (Beside the Tinkerer one, that one I think is justified.)

Anyway, what I meant with my first question, about Shocker, was there more to the thought process than deciding that Herman Shultz was boring and casting Montana? i.e. were there any other candidates besides Montana? Before you answered the question, I did go and look harder and saw that there were a lot of questions on this subject, so what I'm trying to do is ask a more intellegent question on this subject. But my wording obviously made it sound like the genereic repeated question the first time. So I apologize for that too. (Speaking of which, who approves these questions that get asked over and over again?)

On the subject of constantly asked questions (namely Kingpin), when I saw Foswell, I was sure that he was the Big Man like in the comics. Did you ever consider doing this when you found out you couldn't use Kingpin, instead of using Tombstone?

Greg responds...

Some things just flow. And that was the case with Shocker/Montana. No one else was ever considered for the "role of Shocker" as if we were casting it in a play. Montana evolved naturally into Shocker.

I never really planned to have Foswell become the Big Man. I just didn't buy it in a modern context. Kingpin was my original choice for Big Man. Tombstone became our immediate substitute.

You do understand that I see these posts in order, right? There's no way I'd see an apology (no matter how unnecessary) for a question before the question itself.

Response recorded on August 12, 2009