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Clark Cradic writes...

I'm rewatching the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man (Premiere on Disney XD) and two questions crossed my mine: When Kraven was first introduced, at first the only pictures in the newspaper clips were of the Rhino, was that an attempt to mislead the viewers for a few seconds or perhaps a hint at a future plotline? Also I've noticed that Kraven is a lot more sane (and likeable) in this show than in his previous incarnations, especially with what his 'day job' is. So I was wondering, when he attempted to hunt Spider-Man, was he actually trying to kill him or just capture him? Once again thanks again for answering all my questions, I hope they weren't too much of a bother to answer or all "no comment" answers.

Greg responds...


There were pictures of Spidey fighting Rhino, but yes, we were trying to mislead the audience. He struggles with a Rhino on the veldt, and now it would seem he's going to fight Rhino in Manhattan.

"Bag him".

Response recorded on August 14, 2009