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Joe Anonymous writes...

As you can see from my name I watched "Persona" quite a few times. Just bought all the DVD's this past weekend and just got done watching "Blueprints" and "Destructive Testing" and everything you're doing with this series is briliant. I hope a season 3 gets commisioned, the wait is killing me. Plus, can't wait to see what you do with Hobgoblin and Scorpion, just hope Scorpion isn't a clone...that will make me angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry..aughrghagh...getting off focus.
I do have a few questions and well, here they are.

1. Was Green Goblin at all insspired by the Joker?

2. Where did you come up with Electro's Look?

3. Who rescued Kraven at the end of "Destructive Testing"...I'm thinking he either jumped out or we just got a glimpse of Calypso's powers.

4. If you do get permision to use other heroes and villains who wouuld interest you?

5. You do like Carnage...thank God, nasty rumors. So the question is are you aloud to use him in his serial killing form (without showing it you know, hahaha...I need a life.)

6. Can you name any villains you can't use other than Kingpin and Beetle?

7. Why did Harry go to Europe and not just go to ravencroft or something?

8. When is the latest season 3 could be finished and ready for TV, if it gets commisioned...and hoping it does:)

Keep up the good work, and one more time...Please God, let there be a season 3. Thank You!

Greg responds...


1. You'll have to ask Stan and Steve. Our Goblin was inspired by their Goblin, not by Joker. I won't deny the two villains have certain traits in common -- both utilize the Trickster archetype -- but most of what they have in common is fairly superficial.

2. I described it to Vic and Cheeks. I wanted something that was reminiscent of Electro's Silver Age costume, but less cheezy. So the idea that the electricity flying off his head would resemble -- but hopefully be cooler than -- the fake lightning bolt starfish thing on his mask was intentional. Also, instead of just putting him in tights, we put him in a suit designed to restrain his power, that would again be reminiscent of the original costume, but feel a bit more real.

3. No comment.

4. I've answered this before. Check the archives.

5. No comment.

6. Uh... Joker, Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, Ocean-Master, Ra's al Ghul, Darth Vader. Oh, wait, you meant Marvel villains? Seriously, what do you expect me to do here? List all the Marvel villains I can't use? If they're not Spidey villains, the answer is no. So for example, Doctor Doom would clearly be a no. (Not that I even bothered asking about him.) One last character I did ask about and got a no answer on was Owl. Otherwise, you can use common sense to do the research yourself.

7. Ravencroft isn't for teenagers in need of detox. Getting him away from the influences that caused him to take the drugs in the first place was an important part of treatment. Getting him out of the country, given what he was accused of wasn't a bad idea either.

8. I don't understand the question. If and when we get the pick-up, we'll start work. Then it'll be ready between eight and twelve months after that.

Response recorded on August 14, 2009